Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back From Hiatus

Just a cool Geology picture with a goat.
Hello! Sorry for such sporadic entries and by sporadic I mean a few entries and then months of nothing. I started this blog because I have a huge interest in Geology as it is my major in University. However, this isn’t my only blog. And unfortunate for GeoDude, my other blog, FlashMush (and now MushArcade) has top priority due to the larger audience. But also I was very much swamped this last fall semester at University to really do two blogs. Luckily for us both I’m now on winter break and also I won’t be taking such a heavy course load in the future (in fact after this upcoming semester I could technically graduate with my Environmental Geology degree a year early but some things are keeping me there).

This is the asbestos form of serpentine. Crazy huh?
Also lucky for us both is because I had such a heavy load last semester it does give me loads of relevant blog topics to post here on Geodude! I was taking courses in Fluvial Geomorphology, Mineralogy, Sediment and Stratigraphy as well as a course on Pollution Prevention Planning. All of these are either directly related to Environmental Geology or can be applied indirectly and I can write many a post about these subjects (including a funny story about serpentine aka asbestos). I was also doing my own original research which I am continuing for the next year and a half so I can write some entries about that.