Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello World!

Thought I'd do my first post on myself and what I plan to do with this blog. Guess I should say if you're here due to the name being GeoDude and thinking it'll be a Pokemon blog...sorry you're mistaken. This is actually going to be my Geology blog. Why Geology? Well, it's a subject that I immensely enjoy, so much in fact that I'm currently studying Environmental Geology (with a minor in Environmental Sustainability) at my University.

I plan to use this blog really as just a focus point for myself where I am encouraged to post about Geology and therefore want to learn more about it and research more into it so I can provide great blog posts for everyone. I  ideally see the posts in this blog being about practical uses of Geology in everyday life, education posts about various things in Geology, as well as interesting pictures I find and current news related to Geology.

I also want to say, this .blogspot is really only temporary as I have already purchased a custom domain ( that I just haven't had time to set up the DNS records and whatnot for it. Also worth mentioning, is I already have one active blog I do called FlashMush in which I review browser based flash games as well as host challenges (and I do hope to further expand it as well). I also have made a few other blogs that are currently inactive, but both of those follow this "Mush" moniker. In fact, GeoDude will be my first blog not to use the Mush Branding. So hopefully I can create an identity for it like I have for Mush.


  1. Sounds nice, I am looking forward to new posts on this blog!

  2. seems like a cool blog idea.

  3. great idea, look forward to your posts!